Massage Therapy

“Whether you have a spasm in your back, tension in your neck and shoulders, or tightness in your legs, a specifically targeted massage will hit the spot!”

Voted “Best of the Islands” multiple years, you can expect a quality experience and massage, from a stress-relieving, relaxing massage or for treatment of a specific muscle injury.  All our massage therapy services are performed by highly skilled, experienced and licensed massage therapists, or, in certain cases, by physical therapists dual licensed as massage therapists.  Treatment goals are reviewed with your therapist, and we believe in customizing each massage experience to our client’s individual needs and physical status.  You will appreciate the difference!

Please book early for your preferred time, especially during peak season.  Packages available.

Does your insurance cover massage therapy sessions as the result of an auto accident or injury?  If so, we will be happy to process claims for you.  Please check your insurance benefits carefully.  Pre-authorization and/or a physician referral may be necessary for coverage.  Payment in full at time of service expected, with reimbursement upon insurance payment.

Massage therapy sessions may be of benefit to you if you are having, or have had physical therapy or chiropractic treatment.  These sessions are likely not be covered by your insurance, however.  Your massage therapist can consult with your healthcare professional to ensure safe treatment and effective results. 

Massage therapy gift certificates are perfect gifts, and are available from our front desk, or by mail.  Just give us a call 239-395-5858 or stop by to pick up/arrange delivery.  

We are happy to donate massage therapy gift certificates to silent auctions to support local Sanibel and Captiva non-profit organizations.  Please contact us if you have an upcoming event.  

Want to offer chair massages to your employees or full table massages at your retreat? Please contact us (at least 2 weeks in advance, 4 weeks in season) and we can design a package to meet your needs.  

  • Relaxation/Swedish – Traditional full-body Swedish massage with long, sweeping strokes.  Specify light, medium or firmer pressure.
  • Deep Tissue – Firmer pressure with specific therapeutic treatments, including trigger-point release and/or myo-fascial release to improve soft-tissue mobility and reduce muscular tension/fascial imbalance.  
  • Medical/Rehabilitation Massage – Addressing specific areas of injury or pain with massage therapy techniques.  Helpful for posture and mobility issues.  Cost may be reimbursed by insurance with physician’s referral.  
  • CBD Massage – Enhance the lasting, relaxing and pain-relieving effects of massage with the skilled application of 75mg quality, broad-spectrum CBD in our trusted creams.  Hot towel treatment also included to enhance the benefits.  $20 addition to any massage session, or purchase one of our creams or salves and keep the remaining product for later.  Questions about CBD?  Please call or stop by for more information.
  • Stretching/Functional Massage – Addition of specific muscle stretching and range of motion incorporated into your massage to improve mobility.  Excellent for neurological conditions such as Parkinson’s and spasticity.  Additional support for positioning and help with transitions provided.
  • Sports Massage – Great for after an event or strenuous activities to reduce lactic acid build-up and soreness.  Areas of focus dependent on primary sports in consultation with the therapist, and can include stretching and myo-fascial work.  
  • Reflexology – Soothing and intensive treatment for the calves, ankles, feet and toes to stimulate circulation and joint motion.  Combine with neck/shoulder massage or back/leg massage for full 50 minute session.  
  • Cranio-Sacral – Gentle, hands-on treatment for the central nervous system and cerebro-spinal fluid circulation.  Performed fully clothed, beneficial for headaches, post-concussion, central nervous system disorders, stress and other problems.
  • Pre-Natal/Pregnancy – For treatment in the 2nd and 3rd trimesters only.  Relaxing and therapeutic massage with positioning for comfort.  Great for reducing neck/back soreness and tired legs and feet.
  • Geriatric Massage – Specialized light-pressure treatment with gentle moisturizing creme to protect and enrich thin, dry skin.  Treatment can be customized to the mobility level and needs of the client with optional treatment in semi-reclined or side-lying position, can be clothed for comfort.  All can benefit from massage, and we have treated clients into their 90’s with great results and satisfaction.  
  • Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD) – For detoxification/immune support, edema or post-procedure (i.e. liposuction or reconstruction), a light pressure massage technique designed to facilitate the lymphatic system.  MLD treatments are provided by a Certified Lymphedema Therapist.  Physical therapy pricing will apply if treatment provided for insurance-based medical diagnosis.  If requesting MLD for therapeutic treatment of swelling or lymphedema, please see our physical therapy page.  

Massage Establishment License MM#27832 and MM#44093


50 Minutes



80 Minutes



Appointment times fill quickly, especially during peak season.


50 Minutes $140

80 Minutes $200

  • In your home or rental on Sanibel (east of Rabbit Road), or Shell Point.


50 Minutes $160

80 Minutes $225

  • In your home or rental facility on Sanibel (west of Rabbit Road).


50 Minutes $180

80 Minutes $250

In your home or rental facility in Captiva (not including South Seas).