No doctor’s referral is necessary, however medical clearance to participate in the program may be required for some clients. 



If you answer “YES” to any of the following questions, our Medically-Based Fitness Program is for you!


  1.  Have you been told by a doctor that you need to exercise, but you don’t know how to get started?
  2. Do gyms and fitness centers make you feel uncomfortable or intimidated?
  3. Are you worried about safety and possible injury from exercising?
  4. Are you concerned about overly-confident or questionably-educated personal trainers who might hurt you?
  5. Do you need to lose weight, but have joint pain or medical problems that make exercise difficult?
  6. Are you concerned about losing strength, bone density, balance or mobility?
  7. Have you had physical therapy or cardiac/pulmonary rehabilitation but have been unable to follow-through with recommended exercise?
  8. Do you want to exercise regularly, but have physical limitations such as Parkinson’s, stroke, balance issues or arthritis?

Our sessions are customized to your goals, and sessions are scheduled for 25 or 50 minutes, depending on your stamina and needs.  

Additional monitoring and periodic testing can be included, depending on your needs.  These tests may include blood-pressure, heart-rate, respiration, joint integrity, BMI, weight, posture, strength, flexibility and cardiovascular fitness.  Physical therapists are available for consultation as needed.  


One-on-one stretching or strengthening focus for 25 minutes ($40), or a combination (tailored to your goals) for 50 minutes ($80).

Want to improve your flexibility and range of motion for general health or recreational/sports activities? 

Sessions are scheduled for twenty-five minutes of assisted stretching performed with safety and specificity to help you reach your goals.  Wear comfortable and stretchy clothing for this program performed on a cushioned therapy table.  

Want to improve your muscle strength, muscle-tone, bone strength and stability?  

Varied strengthening and stability activities with use of our equipment with cues for safety and specificity, individualized to your level of ability.  Whole-Body Vibration technology now available for bone density, balance and strength progression.