Want to work in a PT-owned, successful and fun environment, with a great team, great compensation and flexible hours, near beautiful Sanibel Island?

Our clinic philosophy emphasizes quality over quantity, with one-on-one sessions only, and the same patient assigned to the same therapist (no PTAs).  Easy and intuitive documentation system (our therapists love it), and great clinic atmosphere.  Wide variety of patient diagnoses (mostly orthopedic) from a wonderful community of residents and seasonal visitors from Sanibel. 




We are seeking PHYSICAL THERAPISTS and MASSAGE THERAPISTS to join our team at our 16880 McGregor location and/or our 695 Tarpon Bay Road location.  We are also seeking part time OFFICE ASSISTANT, and part time PERSONAL TRAINER/PILATES TRAINER for our Sanibel location only.  If you are interested (and not a recruiter), please email directly:  rachel@islandtherapycenter.com. 

Please include your resume and/or questions in the body of the email (to avoid spam emails, we will not open attachments until we have corresponded with you).  


  • Physical Therapist licensed in Florida
  • At least 2 years outpatient experience
  • Flexible hours/days for part-time 2-3 days per week
  • Primary need November through May, with option to stay part-time year-round
  • For physical therapists with massage therapy or Pilates experience/licensure, opportunities to provide massage therapy or Pilates training at same physical therapist rate of pay
  • True 1:1 schedule, same therapist-same patient each visit, flexible hours, high compensation, PTO benefit, retirement plan benefit
  • Great variety of diagnoses, with opportunity to utilize any additional specializations you may hold (i.e. massage therapy, women’s health, Pilates, lymphedema, Graston, TMR)